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Some pictures from our past:
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The history of Hope began in 1935 when a challenge was given to members of First Reformed Church in downtown to do “missions where you live”.  So two members began going where no one else was willing to go…”the country”…Grand Haven Township.  
The two became four as they did everything they could to teach specifically the children and youth in the community.  They would do things in very “unconventional” ways such as meeting in the basement of a bar, picking up kids by the bus full, and annual outreach events.
Several buildings later and the challenge remains the same.  “Do missions where you live!” We try to bring the best to the community in which we belong.  “The country” of Grand Haven Township has now grown bigger than the City and it is predominantly with young families.  Today we are merely standing on the shoulders of people like John Freeze, Frank Kieft, Clarence Reenders and Arthur Reenders.
The vision that Hope has is to continue what God was doing when He started this great church over 80 years ago.  We are joining God to bring Heaven Here to the children and youth and their families in the community that we are a part of!  This vision comes straight from the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 as He was teaching His disciples to pray.