Knowing How It Ends Helps

There are a lot of times that I will be watching a movie with my children and a scary scene causes them to pull in tight to me (I have a couple older children that don’t do this anymore…but the younger two do).  These moments are really one of my favorite times.  Not because my children are afraid but because they come running to me to offer protection and to offer them words of hope.  Often times my words of encouragement are, “We know how it ends…everything will be okay.  We know that the main character will survive.”  I think that telling them this helps them either endure the scene or gives them hope to keep watching.  There are times though that the fear grips my children so tightly that they can’t take their eyes off what has made them afraid…and their frozen in fear.  I have to get up…and hold them…hug them…calm them.  In the end they are alway calm but the second scenario has filled their life with unnecessary fear.

Life is very similar.  We are bombarded with scary situations it seems like on a regular basis…and as followers of Christ we often run into our loving Father’s arms and he pulls us tight into Him.  He loves this…not that we’re afraid but He loves that we run to Him when there is something that is scaring us.  He loves that we run to Him instead of running away from Him or being held captive by our fears…unable to move.  And I believe He says the same thing that I say to my children, “We know how it ends…everything will be okay.  We know that Jesus survived…and because He survived there is nothing that will overcome us….it will be okay.”  Even as I type these words I can hear his calming voice speaking this to me…”It will be okay” and I feel better already.  And I don’t think these are words that we should take lightly.  These are words that should change how we live…and how we react to all situations in life.  These are words that should encourage us to brave the darkness of the World bringing it the light they so desperately desire.  These words should give us hope that even though things look bleak…there are still better days ahead.

We know how all of this ends.  While it appears that there is nothing good that can come from all that is happening…we know how it ends.  There is hope for a broken world and for broken individuals.  There is hope because we know how it ends.  And because of that we should be running not walking…to share the story’s ending with everyone we meet because they need hope to face tomorrow too.