Prayer Wall
As our community grows further apart geographically, we hope this allows us all to stay connected and supportive of each other through prayer. Whether you have a difficulty you’re going through or a praise you would like to share, please feel free to do so below. Prayer requests will be shown on the wall for two weeks before they fall off.
If you feel led to pray for the concerns/praises below, please hit the “I prayed for this” button as a way of showing support and encouragement.


Bring a strong presence of healing and growth to the relationship EJ and I share. Build and bless us intimately. Heal the scars and questions we have between one another. Build or conmunication that we will talk through issues and learn to beat communicate with one another. Thank You for helping me to see faults in the way that I communicate and help me to fully grow past these sometimes harmful and less skilled ways of communicating myself. Give us faith and confidence in this relationship and building together strong to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Encourage and uplift us that we won’t fall into the snares and traps that present themselves. Keep us above all negativity, ill intent and distractions. Help us to see snakes before they bite and have the wisdom to deal with them correctly. Bring us closer than ever before. Help us to establish safeguards, communication, trust and better understanding and skill to love one another with our individual love language. Heal my heart of the stoic, cold communication I learned as child. I am so reserved in some hard times that I have no idea how to express what is in my heart effectively although I will be feeling it very clearly and with a weight that increases as I can’t affectively open up or sometimes even communicate accurate information. I don’t want to settle, I want to rise above. Keep the enemy away from mine and his progress, as individuals and together. Bring us stability and emotional stability. Unspoken. I separately uplift our families. Be with us. Bring and build us love, trust, prosperity, health and wisdom. Open our hearts and minds to build and love together. Unspoken. I uplift us all individually. Let us feel Your presence and encouragement. I uplift an individual spreading false doctrine. Heal her soul and mind and put her on the path to true knowledge and stability. Shield anyone affected by negative influence. I uplift a number of friends and their individual situations. I uplift a marriage. Bless heal and fluorish them. Build their love and trust. Let them be a positive example. Heal any negatively affected. Unspoken. Praise be to God.

Received: January 31, 2019

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